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Radiation-hardened processors products

Space Products - Processors - 3U-6U SBC
BAE Systems’ family of radiation-hardened computer products provide the most reliable and technologically advanced general-purpose microprocessors for space applications

To date, we have provided more than 900 computers across 300 satellites, accumulating more than 9,000 years of flight heritage.

The RAD750® provides a TRL-9, on-board processing solution available for a variety of solutions and sizes, performing roles such as command and control processing, payload processing, and more.

The new RAD5500® multi-core processor products provide next-generation performance as a successor to the RAD750®. Utilizing 45nm technology, the RAD5545® SBC offers nearly ten times the processing power of the RAD750®.

Please consult our product catalog and datasheets for more information.