Future Vertical Lift solutions

Future Vertical Lift solutions
Innovating for the future
Building on a strong heritage of capabilities and leveraging mature technology to bring transformational solutions to the future fleet.

Innovating for the future

As the U.S. Army continues the pivot from the global war on terror to the near-peer nation-state fight, the tactics, techniques, and procedures of manned-unmanned teaming within the future vertical lift ecosystem promises an exponential increase in speed, reach, lethality, and survivability.

BAE Systems brings low-risk mission system solutions, moving from federated systems to an open architecture digital backbone with minimal integration concerns. We are leveraging mature, mission critical technology across our portfolio to deliver transformational survivability, increased lethality, and overall mission effectiveness. By networking multiple independent systems to work together, we create a system that utilizes mission autonomy to provide increased situational awareness across platforms. Our modular open system approach means new capabilities can be rapidly integrated at the pace of technology, not at the pace of acquisition.

Innovating for the future

Enabling communication

Our enhanced communications, navigation, and identification (CNI) products provide time critical insights to support mission success.

CNI capabilities include:

  • With secure, interoperable, navigation, and identification capabilities the warfighter can adapt and react to the environment. As data pours in, CNI products deliver actionable intelligence providing the warfighter with a critical edge.
  • Operate effectively and dependably in all mission scenarios that may require high-speed, low-level flight over featureless, unknown terrain, and in the presence of enemy jamming.
  • Software-defined architecture and cryptographic subsystems provide a low-risk, low-impact path for additional capacity to support many modern covert, anti-jam, and networked waveforms.
  • Reduced SWAP for both the future and enduring fleet

Game-changing survivability

BAE Systems continues to deliver transformational mission survivability systems to enduring and future fleets.

Survivability capabilities include

  • Holistic next-generation threat warning and countermeasure capabilities to enhance air and ground platform survivability.
  • Multi-platform autonomy enabled sensor management and full spectrum collaborative Electronic Warfare (EW) to ensure lethality, survivability, and increased effectiveness across the Army’s Multi Domain Operational (MDO) environment.
  • Open system architecture data fusion and robust heterogeneous network of networks to guarantee continual Army force connectivity in the most challenged or denied communication environments.
  • Reduced SWAP for both the future and enduring fleet

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