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Compass Call

A special-mission Gulfstream EC-37B aircraft flies through the sky above a layer of clouds.  The sun sets in the distance.
Disrupting enemy command and control

The Legacy

Compass Call is an airborne tactical weapon system that has provided protection and supported special missions on the EC-130 Hercules since 1981. BAE Systems serves as the platform’s systems engineering, integration, and testing lead as well as the mission system prime contractor.

The Capability

The Compass Call system performs tactical command, control, and communications countermeasures to support air, surface, and special operations forces. The technology uses noise jamming to prevent communication or degrade the transmission of information between enemy command and control networks.

Key system capabilities include:

  • Communications jamming
  • Early warning and acquisition radar jamming
  • Digital signal processing

The Future

To meet new mission requirements and combat advanced threats, the Compass Call system will integrate with various aircraft in the future. The system will specifically be re-hosted on the Gulfstream G550, designated as the EC-37B when it enters service as a 21st century electronic attack platform.

The future possibilities for the system are vast, as the advanced technology combined with new aircraft integration will result in increased performance at faster speeds, longer ranges, and higher altitudes. The total system provides crews with the utmost confidence today and tomorrow.