Mission systems

pilot with helmet on in aircraft
Our proficiency with mission-critical electronic  systems, flight controls, and computers – coupled with our systems integration expertise – allows us to produce highly reliable products that can withstand harsh environments while improving mission effectiveness and efficiency.

Core capabilities:

  • Integrated flight/navigation
  • Payload and mission management
  • Stores management
  • Weapon management/controls

Mission avionics:

  • Caution and warning systems
  • Digital maps
  • Display processors
  • Fuel management systems
  • Instrument control panels and modules
  • Mission computers
  • Throttle controls

Weapon controls:

  • Enhanced envelope gun sight
  • Integrated flight and fire control
  • Stores management computers
  • Weapon pylon station unit 

Supported aircraft:

  • Agusta Westland: AW609, AW101/EH101
  • Airbus: AS332
  • BAE Systems: Hawk
  • BAE Systems/EADS/Alenia Aeronautica: Tornado, Typhoon
  • Bell: AH-1W, UH-1Z
  • Bell Boeing: CV-22/MV-22
  • Boeing: AH-6i, B-1B, C-17, CH-47, F-15, F/A-18
  • Fairchild Republic: A-10
  • Lockheed Martin: C-130, F-16, F-22, F-35
  • Northrop Grumman: B-2, BQM-74, E-2
  • Saab: JAS-39
  • Sikorsky: CH-53K, SH-92, UH-60M
  • Westland: WG-13 18, KC-135, KC-46, QF-16 Unmanned

Controls & Avionics Solutions

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