LockNESS® maritime defense system

Leveraging industry leading EO/IR and RF technologies to advance ground vehicle and maritime situational awareness and self-protection.
BAE Systems’ LockNESS® maritime defense system is an integrated solution that protects platforms and crews against current and evolving surface threats. 
BAE Systems' LockNESS® solution is a fully automated shipboard defense system designed to protect U.S. Navy carriers and surface ships from threats. Designed to detect and track surface contacts, the LockNESS maritime defense system protects the fleet from a variety of low radar cross section threats. 
With a wide field-of-view, the system integrates with existing onboard sensors to monitor the surrounding area with advanced algorithms and tracking software to create a 360-degree visual threat picture. This seamless integration with the sensor suite allows operators to track multiple threats simultaneously with a visual display track map to allow for man-in-the-loop evaluation. Using this advanced intelligence, operators have a distinct advantage in the battlespace with aided decision support that helps to eliminate human error. 
The LockNESS solution meets a range of application requirements with a scalable software package and processing unit. The system integrates with existing hardware or can be fully customized to meet the precise needs of the mission. This modular roll-on, roll-off architecture allows customers to move the system between different platforms for a range of needs, helping to reduce life cycle costs for years to come.
The LockNESS solution can be used for a variety of missions in military and security situations, including:
  • Battle group defense
  • Base defense
  • Sealift defense
  • Infrastructure protection
  • Port surveillance
  • Coastal patrol

Key Operational Advantages

  • Scalable to meet customer needs, from a full system install, to integration of existing products.
  • Automation functionality reduces manpower requirement 
  • Portability for rapid installation
  • Reduces risk of fatigue and human error
LockNESS® Our LockNESS® solution is a fully automated shipboard defense system.