Vehicle Protection Systems

Vehicle Protection Systems
Vehicle Protection Systems
Capable of rapidly detecting, tracking, and defeating threats, BAE Systems' integrated vehicle protection systems, or VPS, improve ground vehicle lethality and survivability in challenging terrain and complex threat environments.

BAE Systems’ VPS offerings provide layers of defense to armored vehicles. Comprised of sensors, countermeasure systems, and AI-enabled autonomy functions, VPS solutions reduce the cognitive load on ground vehicle crews, allowing them to quickly key in and respond to potential threats.

See first, act first advantage

A network of high-definition, extended-view sensors built with longwave IR camera cores deliver 360 degree situational awareness and threat warnings to ground vehicle crews. The clear battlespace images in low-visibility situations give users the ability to respond to danger before they are even seen.

AI-enabled autonomy

The VPS suite architecture supports Artificial Intelligence enabled autonomy that reduces cognitive load on manned vehicle crews and enables mission-level autonomy for manned and unmanned vehicle teams.

Defeating ATGMs

Slew-to-cue capable, automatically alert crews to threats before applying the appropriate non-kinetic countermeasures based on threat confidence, range, and required effect. Effective laser-based countermeasures not only reduce collateral damage, but also allow kinetic countermeasure systems to conserve ammunition for future battle.

Future focused for next-generation combat vehicles

BAE Systems has a proven, 40-year history of providing the U.S. defense community with high-quality mission survivability equipment. As modular, open architecture systems, components of the holistic VPS suite are compatible with other systems and can be customized based on platform, mission, and budget. Low size, weight, and power make these multifunction solutions cost effective and convenient.

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The TERRA RAVEN™ system uses next generation cueing sensors in layered soft kill countermeasures to protect ground vehicles from guided missile attacks


Our advanced TERRA RAVEN™ countermeasure system uses non-kinetic, infrared countermeasures adapted from aircraft defenses to shield ground vehicles from anti-tank missiles, boosting mission success and survivability.
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The BAE Systems 360 MVP Sensor™, ready to provide integrated protection for ground vehicles and their crews.

360 MVP Sensor™ system

Our 360 MVP Sensor™ system improves ground vehicles' situational awareness, reduces crew cognitive load, and integrates easily with other vehicle protection system features – all to enhance crew response time, survivability, and mission success.
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Providing high-quality situational awareness to ground forces in tough environments


Check-6™ is a ground vehicle rear vision system using thermal or color cameras embedded into US DoD style taillights offering performance and ease of installation with commonality across military vehicle types.
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Thermal Imaging Module - TIM 1500™

Thermal Imaging Module - TIM 1500™

Designed for remote weapon stations and weapon targeting systems, the thermal imaging module, TIM 1500, is an advanced, uncooled thermal imager for today’s targeting and situational awareness needs.
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