Common data link (CDL) radios

Common Data Link (CDL) Radio Products
Complete, affordable wideband wireless network radios for all domains.

Communications & navigation heritage

BAE Systems is a pioneer and leader in narrowband and broadband communications technologies, with more than two decades of core expertise in software-defined radios. Our CDL radio family has merged the latest generation wideband, high speed hardware and software technologies to provide the warfighter with the interoperable broadband data link communications solution needed today – and ready for tomorrow.

Next generation technology

CDL radios are:
  • Modular
  • Flexible
  • Easy to upgrade
  • Interoperable
  • Secure
  • Affordable

BAE Systems’ CDL family offers modular terminal, radio frequency (RF), and antenna components that provide flexible common data link solutions for a range of applications. Built on a software-defined, reprogrammable radio architecture, our CDL communication suites are easily upgradeable as waveforms evolve.  Our technology is interoperable with legacy standard CDL systems and has been integrated on manned and unmanned aircraft, on-the-move and fixed ground stations, surface ships, beyond line-of-site wideband satellite communications and ground robot vehicles.


Key features

Built on a set of wideband core hardware and software building blocks, our CDL product line is made up of antennas, radio frequency (RF) front-ends, transceivers, modems, processors and cryptographic modules.  With this architectural approach, our product line integrates easily onto all platforms. We use off-the-shelf Line Replaceable Units (LRUs), and our CDL radios are frequency agnostic and operate at L-, S-, C-, X- or Ku-Band.  We also offer multi-channel CDL electronics suite solutions.

BAE Systems’ latest CDL radios include the NSA’s Common Cryptographic Module (CCM) for secure communications, which is the approved Type 1 crypto for Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance (ISR) CDL applications.

The system is exportable and can be provided with embedded AES-128/256 transmission security (TRANSEC) for overhead and control channel protection and bulk data encryption.


BAE Systems’ CDL products run all Department of Defense (DoD) approved CDL waveforms. Many of our CDL radios have been Joint Interoperability certified (JITC) and have undergone successful vendor-to-vendor interoperability testing, enabling users to effectively exchange information with other pertinent systems. To meet the future Joint Aerial Layer Networking (JALN) need, we are developing a Directional Mesh Networking Waveform. This will allow data from the fighter network to be used by ground forces.

CDL products