360 MVP Sensor™ system

The BAE Systems 360 MVP Sensor™, ready to provide integrated protection for ground vehicles and their crews.
Our 360 MVP Sensor™ system improves ground vehicles' situational awareness, reduces crew cognitive load, and integrates easily with other vehicle protection system features – all to enhance crew response time, survivability, and mission success.

Comprised of high-definition, extended-view sensors built with BAE Systems' 1920x1200 longwave infrared camera cores, the 360 MVP Sensor™ system delivers low-latency imagery during the day, at night, in adverse weather, and despite challenging natural and manmade battlefield conditions.

The large field of view and our advanced algorithms improve situational awareness for ground vehicles and reduce the cognitive load on the crew. These algorithms allow the system to provide early warning of incoming threats such as anti-tank guided missiles, unmanned aerial vehicles, and ground forces, allowing crews and systems to respond before the threat can engage. The 360 MVP Sensor™ system gives crews active vehicle protection with a "see first, act first" advantage, while improving maneuverability and survivability in dense, urban terrain.

Close-up of one sensor in the 360 MVP Sensor, as part of a vehicle protection system.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Four 1920 high-definition uncooled cameras provide enhanced situational awareness with 360° horizontal coverage and overlapping fields of view
  • Larger format delivers camera field of view of 120° horizontal x 75° vertical, a significant improvement over existing systems which provide ~40° horizontal x 30° vertical. This allows for increased look-up angle and shortened ground intercept
  • Can be integrated into with other vehicle protection systems to provide passive cueing active protection system countermeasures
  • Backward-compatible with existing vehicle architectures
  • Slew-to-cue capable – detecting, tracking, and alerting crews to potential threats
  • Increases the speed of decision-making​
  • Tailorable capabilities based on platform, mission, and budget


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