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Multifunctional Information Distribution System (MIDS) interface simulator (MIS)

MIDS interface simulator (MIS)
The MIDS interface simulator maximizes operational flight hardware and software integration testing.

The multifunctional information distribution system (MIDS) interface simulator (MIS) is the primary integration tool used by European platform integrators. It is a mature design with more than 30 systems deployed.


The MIS is capable of generating and evaluating scenarios in either of two operational modes. In terminal simulation mode, the MIS operates the operational flight program hosted on commercial, off-the-shelf hardware. The MIS may also host these programs on MIDS SRUs (flight hardware).

In network simulation mode, the commercial hardware operates as a host platform while providing for the mounting, cooling, and power provisions of a MIDS terminal.

Whatever mode of operation is selected, the testing effort will be maximized as a result of the integration of the MIS and the operational flight hardware and software.


  • Terminal and network simulators
  • Remote connectivity
  • Scenario generation
  • Data recording and reduction
  • Report generation via an Access database
  • Dual-display monitors


  • Flexible training courses are offered to suit customer needs

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