Next-generation countermeasure systems – smarter, faster, and more effective

Smart D²™ system

Smart D2Ne...
AH-64E helicopter equipped with the Smart D2™ system
BAE Systems' Smart D²™ system delivers the automation, communication, and acute intelligence of next-generation smart countermeasures to defeat existing and emerging threats, for prime installs and legacy upgrades.

Today's aircraft countermeasures systems will not be able to keep up with tomorrow's new and emerging threats. Our Smart D² system is the next-generation answer to these threats – driven by constant communication between mission systems, aircraft survivability equipment, expendables, and crew to initiate the most effective and efficient responses to increase aircraft survivability and bring warfighters home.

Smart system and expendables

Core smart elements of the Smart D² system are in constant communication: the programmer, sequencer, dispenser, and expendables. The programmer contains a regularly-updated database of known threats and identifies the appropriate payload, quantity, and dispensing intervals for each countermeasure. It also provides two-way communication of mission-critical information so pilots can confidently make informed decisions on the spot.

The system includes the NATO-standard Smart Stores Communication Interface (SSCI) for communication between dispenser system and smart countermeasures. This uses the existing dispenser system's interface to maintain backward compatibility with legacy payloads in order to upload data pre-dispense to maximize countermeasure effectiveness.

Designed to evolve legacy systems and contain costs

A key benefit of the Smart D² system is that its smart elements can be integrated into an aircraft's existing ALE-47 Airborne Countermeasures Dispenser System – the trusted system of choice for aircraft survivability among U.S. armed forces and allies worldwide, with over 4,000 systems installed in over 30 countries. That means instead of replacing an aircraft's current ALE-47 system, you simply replace key elements – the programmer, sequencer, dispenser, and/or expendables – with Smart D² elements. This gives the legacy system the same smart technology capabilities. You can choose to either replace all elements at once or introduce them on an incremental, evolutionary basis, to also help you manage costs.

Improving survivability, today and tomorrow

The Smart D² system maximizes survivability by allowing crew to tailor how it will react to each threat. Once a countermeasure of choice is dispensed, individual "smart" capabilities target threats for a tailored defeat. Upcoming dispense capabilities include:
  • Smart flares based on specific threats
  • Smart radio-frequency (RF) decoys to defeat most RF-guided surface-to-air and air-to-air threats
  • Advanced expendable countermeasures

By monitoring the type, quantity, and location of each expendable aboard, the Smart D² system will improve mission planning. Smart D² proactively manages countermeasure inventory, using the oldest expendables or those with the shortest remaining carriage life first. This removes human error from the equation, ensuring there will never be expired expendables aboard and facilitates longer, more effective missions.

Efficiency, flexibility, & innovation

In use, Smart D² expends exactly what is needed to defeat each unique threat and has the flexibility to work with current, unique, and future expendables. It proactively manages inventory. This cuts costs by eliminating waste and drives inventory efficiencies. By working with next-generation smart countermeasure manufacturers, and using additive manufacturing and advanced injection molding, we deliver our system for use faster and at a better cost. 

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