We are extremely proud of the valuable contribution we make to the Queen Elizabeth Class Carrier programme, working as part of the Aircraft Carrier Alliance.  The QE Class Carriers represent an engineering challenge of unprecedented scale and complexity for the United Kingdom; a national endeavour, involving six shipyards and 10,000 people.
Our expertise in the design and construction of complex warships ensures the QE Class Carriers are 21st century ships for a 21st century navy, providing military operation, humanitarian and disaster relief around the world for the next fifty years.  Our contribution takes on many forms ranging from construction of huge sections of the hull at our sites in Glasgow and Portsmouth to the complex integration of the F-35B aircraft.  Our technology runs throughout the carrier helping to improve operational effectiveness and efficiency and our sophisticated mission systems are the brains of the ships. Beyond the actual ships, we have worked alongside the UK Ministry of Defence to oversee significant national investment into Portsmouth Naval Base; the home of the QE Class Carriers.
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Queen Elizabeth Class Aircraft Carriers

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Queen Elizabeth Class Aircraft Carriers
I am delighted to welcome HMS Queen Elizabeth to her new home at Portsmouth Naval Base. As a member of the Aircraft Carrier Alliance, BAE Systems employees have played a vital role in bringing the ship to life. As operators of Portsmouth Naval Base on behalf of the Royal Navy, our employees will now help to take care of the nation’s new flagship. Today is a proud day for us all. Nigel Whitehead, Group Managing Director
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