Advanced Gun System (AGS)

Advanced Gun System (AGS)
BAE Systems is setting the pace in naval armament development with the 155-mm Advanced Gun System (AGS) for the U.S. Navy's new DDG 1000 destroyer.

The AGS will provide flexible, sustainable and affordable firepower against a wide range of littoral and inland targets, as well as highly-advanced gunfire capabilities for anti-surface warfare. The AGS, with the highly lethal Long Range Land Attack Projectile (LRLAP), will support the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps expeditionary and joint operations warfighters in the littorals and deep inland.

Drawing from a fully-automated, below-deck weapon handling and storage system for up to 750 rounds, the AGS will be capable of a maximum sustained firing rate of 10 rounds per minute and will fire at ranges of up to 83 nautical miles. By eliminating the need for personnel in the magazine, the AGS design supports the Navy's goals to significantly reduce overall crew requirements.

AGS is being developed as a complete weapon system through the extensive use of rapid virtual prototyping, with the gun, magazine, ammunition and support subsystems integration all within the responsibility of the BAE Systems team. The extended range for AGS payloads will be achieved through an optimized balance of gun-launch and projectile rocket motor energies.

The AGS integrated system control, or ISC, combines both gun control and fire control elements within the AGS architecture for seamless integration to the total ship computing environment. AGS design innovations also incorporate advanced thermal and erosion management technologies to ensure extended barrel life and to minimize infrared signature.

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