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An artist's impression of Dreadnought
BAE Systems are the industrial lead for the Dreadnought programme and, alongside partners Rolls-Royce, are designing and constructing a new generation of submarines to carry the UK’s independent nuclear deterrent.
We are working alongside partners Rolls-Royce and the Submarine Delivery Agency (SDA) on designing and constructing a new generation of submarines to carry the UK’s independent nuclear deterrent.
BAE Systems is the lead for the whole boat build and secondary propulsion and is the platform technical authority on the Dreadnought programme, which will deliver four new submarines for the Royal Navy and replace the current Vanguard class. The first of the new submarines will be ready for patrol in the 2030s.
Comparable in size to the Vanguard class submarines, the next generation of nuclear deterrent submarine is widely considered to be one of the world's most complex engineering challenges. Technological advances, threat changes, new methods of design and production mean the new submarines will be a completely new design. Once built, the submarines will measure 152.9m long, with a displacement of 17,200 tonnes.  
The Right Honourable Sir Michael Fallon MP, then Secretary of State for Defence, visited Barrow-in-Furness shipyard in October 2016 to commence the first metal-cut for the Dreadnought programme - this followed UK Government commitment of £1.3 billion funding. 
In May 2018 the Right Honourable Gavin Williamson, who had succeeded Sir Michael as Secretary of State for Defence, committed a further £900m of funding for the current stage of the programme.   
The Dreadnought programme already employs more than 7,000 people across MOD and industry, including 2,800 at BAE Systems. Thousands more will be employed in the supply chain. 
The business' Submarines site in Barrow-in-Furness has been undergoing a major £300m+ redevelopment in readiness to accommodate the build of Dreadnought and maintain its proud history of delivering complex submarine programmes. There are a total of 24 separate redevelopment projects, marking the largest investment in the site since the Devonshire Dock Hall was constructed in the 1980s.