Environmental Data Gathering Equipment (EDGE)

Environmental Data Gathering Equipment
The impact of environmental conditions on military operations can be a highly significant factor in determining mission success.

Based on our proven Type 45 Meteorological & Oceanographic (METOC) system, EDGE is a scalable, integrated system which maximises the capability of sensors and weapons, fully optimising them for different environmental conditions, including underwater conditions and weather (above water).

Commanders benefit from full environmental awareness for tasks such as radar propagation, ballistics and general self-supporting meteorological and oceanographic data production.

The system is approved by the World Meteorological Organisation and UK Meteorological Office, meeting internationally recognised standards for environmental data. Its digital satellite reception capability is compatible with polar orbiting and geostationary satellites and is in service with several navies. It is also the system of choice for commercial fleets and British Antarctic survey vessels.


EDGE is in service with the UK Royal Navy’s Type 45 Destroyers and has been selected for the Queen Elizabeth Class Aircraft Carriers.