Archerfish® Mine Neutralisation System

Archerfish Mine Neutralisation System on a Merlin Helicopter
Archerfish is an expendable mine neutraliser or single shot mine disposal system. It is capable of overcoming the threat of modern mines which have become increasingly resistant to traditional methods of mine disposal.

Archerfish combats the resistance of Insensitive munition mines to disposal whilst reducing resource outlays. Clearance time is lowered by a factor of 4 units and through life costs are also reduced due to the integration of the warhead and package.
Archerfish can be launched and operated from surface ships, helicopters and unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs). It is deployed from a launch ‘cradle’ with a fibre optic data link providing exacting command of the weapon. Through the use of high frequency sonar and low light video data, Archerfish will identify mine threats and then emit a shaped charge warhead, initiating a full order detonation of the target.

Archerfish’s credentials are impressive. In service with the United States Navy as part of the MH60s helicopter Airborne Mine Neutralisation System (AMNS), it has been selected as the Common Neutraliser to ultimately equip all United States Navy Mine Countermeasure platforms.


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