IFDT screen shot
IFDT is a set of applications which asks a series of questions to help work out what’s wrong, or faulty, with any air, land or sea asset or complex piece of equipment – such as a test rig.

Operators and maintainers of frontline equipment are faced with an increasingly challenging environment in which they must accurately diagnose and rectify faults, first time, every time.  IFDT helps them to do this.

The benefits of IFDT go much further than just helping maintainers find faults in complex equipment.  Because, in part, it solves problems by building on the wealth of knowledge that’s been accumulated over decades, it is able to draw on that knowledge to reduce maintenance hours and work by lowering the number of NFF (No Fault Found) equipment removals.

A knock-on effect of this improved performance is that platform availability and reliability is increased.

Think of it as a neat combination of computing power and engineering know-how.