Offshore Patrol Vessels

90m Offshore Patrol Vessel
The Offshore Patrol Vessel is a highly versatile ship, designed to perform Economic Exclusion Zone management roles, including the provision of maritime security to coastal areas and effective disaster relief.

Our family of offshore patrol vessels comprises 80 metre and 90 metre versatile and affordable ships. Their adaptable design is well suited to the export market and can be altered according to individual customer needs, ensuring they can meet the operational requirements of navies around the world.

The 90 metre vessel is equipped with an air surveillance radar which can be used to detect low flying aircraft often used in smuggling operations. The ship’s rigid inflatable boat can be deployed swiftly from the davits for recovery and rescue operations and gives the ability to conduct sea boarding.

Its automated 30 mm small calibre gun system can engage fast inshore attack craft armed with short-range missiles, rockets, rocket-propelled grenades, machine guns or explosives, while 25 mm guns mounted port and stardboard provide secondary armament to the vessel.

Featuring a 20 metre long flight deck, the 90 metre ship can land and fuel a medium-sized helicopter, up to 7 tonnes. It also provides ample deck space to up to six 20ft ISO containers for mission stores or humanitarian aid, with a 16 tonne capacity crane enabling cargo to be easily discharged to a jetty.

Offering a high standard of accommodation, this ship has sleeping quarters, dining and recreational facilities for up to 70 crew, but is capable of operating with a lean crew of just 36.  It also incorporates additional cabin accommodation for up to 50 other personnel such as trainees, special forces, scientists or medical teams.


We have supplied three Offshore Patrol Vessels, P120 AMAZONAS, P121 APA and P122 ARAGUARI, plus ancillary support services to the Brazilian Navy, as well as a manufacturing licence to enable further vessels of the same class to be constructed in Brazil.


We have signed a contract with Bangkok Dock to assist in the licensed construction of a second 90 metre Offshore Patrol Vessel for the Royal Thai Navy. 

The Royal Thai Navy accepted its first 90 metre Offshore Patrol Vessel, HTMS KRABI, from Bangkok Dock in 2013.

United Kingdom:
We designed and built the UK Royal Navy’s River Class ships HMS CLYDE, HMS MERSEY, HMS TYNE and HMS SEVERN, and continue to provide support to the vessels under a contracting for availability arrangement.

There are five OPV vessels in build for the UK Royal Navy's River Class Batch 2 ships; HMS FORTH, MEDWAY, TRENT, TAMAR and SPEY.

Key Facts

90 metre
Displacement: 1,800 tonnes
Length: 90 metres
Maximum beam: 13.5 metres
Top speed: 25 knots
Range: 5,500 miles
Crew size: 70
Embarked troops: 50
Endurance: 35 days

80 metre
Displacement: 1,700 tonnes
Length: 81.5 metres
Maximum beam: 13.5 metres
Top speed: 20 knots
Range: 5,500 miles
Crew size: 36
Embarked troops: 20
Endurance: 21 days