StormBlade: Optimise for Mission Success
StormBlade variants
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Image - StormBlade - Sea Boat [SB]

Sea Boat [SB]

Provides improved seakeeping performance to support ship launched interception, force protection and boarding operations.
Image - StormBlade - Patrol Boat [PB]

Patrol Boat [PB]

Designed for high speed and long range operations, there are a wide range of options including open patrol boats to those fitted with fully enclosed cabins.
Image -  StormBlade - Search and Rescue [SAR]

Search and Rescue Boat [SAR]

Includes a self-righting capability, davit system and capacity for casualty recovery for search and rescue missions.
Image -  StormBlade - Special Ops [SO]

Special Operations Boat [SO]

Built for Special Forces that require high manoeuvrability and specialist equipment with exceptional seakeeping performance in hostile maritime environments.

Optimise for mission success

Boats can be configured to deploy from land, sea and air. All options come with a deck track system that allow for mission specific arrangement of seats and equipment. Each of the above options can be further individually configured:
  • Inboard [Pacific]
  • Outboard [Arctic
  • Sea Boat [SB]
  • Patrol Boat [PB]
  • Search and Rescue Boat [SAR]
  • Special Operations [SO]
  • From 8m to 10.5m [800 - 1050]
Equipment options
  • Weather protection
  • Ballistic protection
  • Weapon mounting
  • Shock mitigation seats
  • Lifting points
  • Engine options
  • Radar and navigation systems
  • Communications systems
  • Role specific equipment e.g. diver ladders
  • Autonomous capability

Designed for operations

StormBlade provides a new generation of configurable, multi-purpose boats. Designed to provide improved performance to support operations including interception, force protection, boarding operations, counter terrorism, policing, anti-piracy or search and rescue. Customers can optimise the size, design and equipment to deliver adaptable mission ready boats.
Robustness, reliability and longevity
The 26° deep V hull form increases seakeeping capability during challenging operations in extreme conditions. Built to DNV GL High Speed Craft rules and to an increased acceleration factor the boat is robust and reliable ensuring minimal maintenance and a long in-service life. We can build to SOLAS standards and meet other international quality standards.
Reduced physical impact
Provides a reduced physical impact on personnel through minimising sea spray and whole body vibration to safeguard the crew.
Through-life support
​​​​​​​BAE Systems’ Boats offers through-life support for all its products, with technicians available for support worldwide and bespoke training packages offered.
Image of Pacific 24 boat

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