Panoramic Area Surveillance System

Panoramic Area Surveillance System (PASS)
The Panoramic Area Surveillance System (PASS) brings together surveillance and data fusion technologies to demonstrate an innovative response to the demands of modern maritime security.

We have worked with Waterfall Solutions and Marine Electronic Systems Ltd  to develop a technology demonstrator which provides a full 360 degree image, 30 degree elevation view which fuses infra-red video images with visible band images in real time to provide optimum performance under all conditions.

Twenty-four cameras in total make up the full 360 degree system with an innovative image stabilisation algorithm to overcome the need for heavy and complex mechanical stabilisation for the cameras.

PASS enables a single user to monitor all directions at once, with the system also providing automatic alerts to crew when potential threats are detected, for instance small boats or fast attack craft approaching,  thus enabling action or self defence measures to be taken.