Pacific 950

Pacific 950
The Pacific 950 has been designed from concept to meet demanding Special Forces requirements. The craft combines rapid acceleration with the strength and power to carry large payloads. It is reconfigurable for multi-role use and can easily interface with naval shipping and aircraft.

Key capabilities of this craft:

Hull Form

Designed to carry heavy payloads, the Pacific 950 maximises performance and provides unprecedented usable deck space. The hull is optimised to improve sea keeping in developed sea states; its deep V shape reduces slamming, protecting the crew over long missions.


A composite sandwich construction consisting of a complex blend of e-glass and carbon fibre producing a strong, but light-weight structure. The structure is arranged to meet the onerous loading requirements of multiple specialist interfaces and equipment ranging from gun mounts to the high loads associated with air delivery.

Potential Machinery

Typical installation of two supercharged/turbocharged inboard diesel engines and twin propeller stern drives enables optimisation for high speed and provides rapid, responsive acceleration for boarding type operations with heavy payloads. Twin jet drive and twin petrol outboards options also available.


The craft layout is geared to multi-role use with large clear flat decks. It boasts a a midships engine location for optimised use of the aft deck and enables lowering stern ramp access to the water to launch and recover specialist equipment. The forward console provides controls for the coxswain and navigator, whilst the aft console has locations for a signaller and commander and has the facility to house communications and battle space management equipment.


The Pacific 950 is designed to be deployed by land, sea and air (air transport and air delivery), allowing specialist crews to be deployed worldwide rapidly.
An integrated deck track system is fitted to the forward and aftdecks, and also the engine box, allowing the operator to configure the craft to meet his mission requirements. The track system is fitted at uniform spacing throughout the craft and provides a fixing mechanism for seat bases and any specialist equipment racks which allows for rapid reconfiguration and convertibility.

Weapon System

The craft provides the ability to fit weapon mounts forward and aft. It is designed to meet the requirements of 7.62mm and 12.7mm machine guns and 40mm grenade launchers in either weapon location.


The Pacific 950 can be rapidly reconfigured to meet the requirements of different roles, including:

  • Boarding and the integration of specialist boarding equipment
  • Fire support integration of weapons systems and ammunition
  • Command platform integration of communications
  • Raid and insertion of people and equipment
  • Evacuation
  • Police / paramilitary use

Facts and Figures

  • Length: 9.5 metres
  • Beam: 3 metres
  • Payload: 2 tonnes
  • Speed: 45 knots
  • Range: 180 nautical miles
  • Acceleration: 0-30 in 10 seconds
  • Maximum payload condition
  • Payload: 3 tonnes
  • Speed: 40 knots