Fast Attack Craft

62m Fast Attack Craft
The 62 metre Fast Attack Craft is designed as a high speed, multi-role platform able to operate in both anti-air and surface combat situations.

Used as a high speed interception and offshore patrol craft, its extensive weapon fit on a compact hull delivers an economic solution to surveillance, intelligence gathering, patrol, interdiction and engagement of enemy forces. The Fast Attack Craft's design incorporates advanced stealth technology to minimise infra-red, radar, magnetic and noise signatures to reduce the chances of detection and enhance operational effectiveness of the ship.

Efficient propulsion systems ensure economy of operation at cruising speeds, in addition to an innovative platform design with uncluttered weather deck areas to facilitate sea boat operations. 

Key facts

Displacement: 720 tonnes
Length: 62 metres
Maximum beam: 9.5 metres
Top speed: 36 knots
Range: 750 miles


BAE Systems operated a long-term technology transfer agreement with Elefsis Shipyards and Industries in Greece to deliver a series of Fast Attack Craft to the Hellenic Navy – four of which are in service today.            

As the design authority and major subcontractor to Elefsis, BAE Systems was responsible for ship design, combat systems integration and equipment procurement. We also provided on-site design and engineering services, construction oversight and technical assistance to our partner, helping to transfer key skills and introduce modern production techniques.