SpaceNav GPS Receiver for Space Applications

SpaceNav GPS Receiver for Space Applications
SpaceNav is a GPS receiver for satellite applications. It is a fully dual-redundant, radiation-tolerant, 12-channel L1 C/A code receiver. The system provides precise orbit determination and timing for low-earth-orbit satellites and host vehicles.

SpaceNav includes a special orbital filter algorithm that provides navigation-aiding data, smoothing the GPS navigation solution to provide the host spacecraft with more accurate guidance.


SpaceNav includes an error detection and correction mechanism that enables automatic detection and correction of single-event upsets, allowing this GPS receiver to continue functioning in space.

  • Radiation tolerant
  • Fully dual-redundant
  • Four antennas
  • Automatic error detection and correction
  • Accurate 1PPS output
  • Dynamics velocity: >10,000 m/second
  • Acceleration: 23 G
  • Update rate: once per second
  • Single-event upsets: EDAC for single error event
  • Input power: 25 to 45 VDC 6 W average
  • Altitude: LEO <1000 km
  • Dimensions: 206 mm x 90 mm x 110 mm (8.11A" x 3.54" x 4.33")
  • Weight: 1.6 kg (3.5 lb)

BAE Systems Rokar specializes in the development, manufacture, integration, and support of high-end GPS receivers for defense and demanding commercial applications.