Space Systems

Cyber resilient ground systems for automated decision-making and integrated intelligence

Resilient Ground Systems

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Advanced mission management solutions enabling activity-based intelligence and automated decision-making.

At BAE Systems, we look to innovate for the future while understanding the value of the technology and knowledge that has propelled us this far as a nation. That’s why our data framework, apps, and tools solutions are designed to work in open architecture environments that allow users to apply their legacy capabilities paired with the best solutions of today, ensuring mission success.

The Enforma platform suite incorporates the capabilities of a micro-service architecture with the robust scalability of cloud computing. Enforma was engineered to accommodate specific customer needs, not to pre-prescribe a solution. By developing services in alignment with our open architecture methodologies, users can seamlessly integrate new tools without affecting existing operating tools, making the platform a better fit. Enforma brings a full tier solution with infrastructure, application management, data management services, DevSecOps, and data processing and playback, or any subset of those capabilities. The Enforma platform suite can host and integrate third party applications and third party analytics without significant modifications to the data or existing applications, allowing for rapid integration and performance. Enforma’s capabilities can be modified for different mission needs and have been field-proven with training, simulations, and war-gaming exercises. Accelerate the next era of space, with BAE Systems Enforma platform suite.

Space Systems

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