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Radiation-hardened application specific integrated circuits (ASICs)

45 nm ASIC
ASICs chip
BAE Systems' advanced, radiation-hardened ASIC technologies, libraries, and services provide a complete solution for the development of system-on-chip products to address a range of space processing needs.

Our ASIC technologies are compatible with a wide variety of commercially available design tools and feature radiation-hardened, low power, and high-reliability circuit libraries. An expanding set of synthesizable, reusable cores are available to increase design productivity and lower risk. We also offer ASIC design services for customers who prefer to outsource development. From requirements definition through traditional register transfer logic or netlist handoff, we offer broad and flexible entry options and engagement models to access the technology. Our advanced design flow incorporates the latest tools and features from Synopsys®, with improved focus on physically knowledgeable synthesis, placement-based power optimization, clock-tree synthesis, and signal integrity. Our broad spectrum of space-qualified packaging solutions include flip-chip, wirebond, ceramic leadless chip carrier, ceramic quad flat pack, ceramic column grid array, and plastic ball grid array.

Services include:

  • Application Specific Design Services
  • Radiation-hardened, low-power, and high-reliability circuit libraries
  • Space-qualified packaging
  • Flip-chip
  • Wirebond
  • Ceramic quad flat pack
  • Ceramic column grid array
  • Plastic ball grid array

Please consult our product catalog and datasheets for more information.

Space Systems

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