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Radiation-hardened application specific integrated circuits (ASICs)

45 nm ASIC
BAE Systems’ space-qualified, rad-hard application specific integrated circuits (ASICs) are developed and manufactured at our QLM-certified facility in Manassas, Virginia.
BAE Systems' rad-hard ASIC technologies, libraries, and services deliver a complete, advanced development solution for creating system-on-chip designs for a range of space processing.

Rad-hard system-on-a-chip design for harsh environments

When application specific integrated circuits (ASICs) combine a rich set of functions all on one computer chip, usually an aggregate of intellectual property from several sources, it’s known as “system-on-chip” (SoC) design. As a world leader in developing, manufacturing, and deploying state-of-the-art, radiation-hardened (rad-hard) ASICs for use in defense, space, intelligence, research, and commercial missions, BAE Systems is ready to provide SoCs for mission that take place in harsh environments.

Our rad-hard ASICs are specifically designed to perform reliably in harsh environments where a chip’s physical structure or functionality can be damaged by exposure to radiation – like on satellites in earth orbit or spacecraft exploring distant planets. BAE Systems’ ASIC technologies not only resist radiation damage, but are compatible with a wide variety of commercially-available design tools and feature radiation-hardened, low power, and high-reliability circuit libraries. We also have an expanding set of synthesizable, reusable cores to reduce cost, increase design productivity and lower risk.

Expert application specific integrated circuit (ASIC) design services

BAE Systems gives our customers a competitive edge where it counts whether they are in the defense, intelligence, or commercial sector, and our ASICs design services exemplify that for those who prefer to outsource development. From requirements definition through traditional register transfer logic or netlist handoff, our team offers broad and flexible entry options and engagement models to access the technology. Our advanced, rad-hard ASICs design flow incorporates the latest tools and features from leading EDA vendors, with a focus on physically knowledgeable synthesis, placement-based power optimization, clock-tree synthesis, and signal integrity.

Space-qualified packaging that works how you work

At BAE Systems, we understand the importance of packaging our rad-hard Application Specific Integrated Circuits to fit in accordance with our customers’ systems and specifications. Our broad array of packaging solutions include C4 flip chip, wire bond, ceramic leadless chip carrier (CLCC), ceramic quad flat pack (CQFP), ceramic column grid array (CCGA), plastic ball grid array, and more. We strive to assure the unconditional satisfaction of our space electronics customers.

DoD-certified quality, industry-trusted performance

As with the rest of the BAE Systems space products portfolio, our radiation-hardened ASICs are produced by our Space Systems group in Manassas, Virginia, which is certified and qualified to Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) performance standards MIL-PRF-38535 and MIL-STD-883 for QML Class V and Q, including Radiation Hardness Assurance (RHA) and support for legacy requirements. This facility is a U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) Category 1A Microelectronics Trusted Source, as documented via their Trust program’s rigorous validation process, covering design, aggregation, broker, packaging/assembly, and test services.

Learn more. Download our Radiation-Hardened Electronics Product Guide, visit our Radiation-Hardened Electronics literature page, or contact our Space Products business Representative today.

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