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Advanced systems for space mission protection

Space Protection & Advanced Mission Payload

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Utilizing our legacy of platform protection to secure next generation space assets.

With more than 60 years of platform protection across land and sea, BAE Systems has pioneered the next-generation of space protection.

As a nation, we rely heavily on space assets. Whether it’s mobile banking or engaging the enemy, every aspect of our daily lives and national security is enabled by the advantages of our diverse space portfolio. Space is no longer a sanctuary, but a highly contested environment with new and evolving threats. Our mission critical payloads enable next-generation battle management command and control solutions to minimize timeline from decision to action and increase space domain awareness. We utilize our experience and expertise in platform protection to secure the next generation of space assets to defend at home and abroad.

Space Products - Processors - 3U-6U SBC


BAE Systems' family of radiation-hardened computer products provide the most reliable and technologically advanced general-purpose microprocessors for space applications.
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Space Systems

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