For Melbourne metal additive manufacturing company Titomic, partnering with BAE Systems has opened the door to defence.
Co-developed with Australia’s CSIRO, its breakthrough technology Titomic Kinetic Fusion (TKF) is poised to introduce next-generation metal manufacturing methods to a range of defence projects in Australia and overseas.
At Titomic’s TKF Bureau in Melbourne, which houses one of the world’s largest and fastest metal 3D printer, metal parts and surface coatings are digitally manufactured at incredible speed and scale.
Harnessing kinetic energy, metal powders are fused together to form seamless parts, making it possible to mix different metals and materials.
The result?
Lighter, stronger and better performing metal composites that will enable defence to dramatically reduce lead times and costs while boosting the productivity and performance of parts.
As part of Titomic’s vision to become the global provider of additive manufacturing solutions, the team plans to put their machines into research facilities around the globe, so companies can access their world-leading technology and research capability in local markets.
A world-first fusion with defence

Fusing a partnership with defence

Glen Casey, Titomic’s Defence Business Consultant, describes the company’s growing relationship with BAE Systems as “a global adventure”.
After seeing Titomic’s work overseas, BAE Systems’ Global Access Program team in Australia (which supports suppliers to access and compete in the company’s global supply chain) invited Titomic to join two test prototype projects for the industry evaluation phase of the Hunter Class Frigate Program.
These industry-wide projects involve making components to test technology for different applications.
“The biggest benefit of working with the Global Access Program team has been access to the right people and right projects and being able to understand where our technology really can add value,” says Dominic Parsonson, Titomic’s Head of Sales.

Benefiting business

Coming on board as an approved supplier has also enabled Titomic to tailor its processes and certification to become defence-ready.
“As we move from prototyping and R&D and get ready to supply certified parts for defence vessels, being able to work through it all with BAE Systems has been invaluable,” Dominic says.
“Because that will mean one of our favourite primes has proven our tech does what it says – and Australia’s faith in us is well placed.” Dominic Parsonson, Titomic’s Head of Sales
“They have guided us through the process to ensure we do the right things at the right times and deliver on our commitments.”
Such support has been an important differentiator for Dominic and the Titomic team who have appreciated having a “friendly face” available to answer questions and guide them.
“BAE Systems has been instrumental in our ability to deal with defence in general.”

What it takes

For local businesses looking to break into defence, Glen and Dominic both agree it’s important to clearly communicate product benefits to the industry, as well as Australia’s leading capability.
“If the Global Access Program team believes in your organisation and the value you can add, they will bend over backwards to support you to develop technology within the supply chain,” Glen says.
“You know they will do what it takes to make it work and help you grow.”

Looking to the future

Growth is now the main focus for the metal additive manufacturer. 
“BAE Systems gave us the opportunity and a foot in the door,” Dominic explains. “And now it’s up to us to deliver the parts so we can grow.”
And when asked what he and the team are most looking forward to, Dominic doesn’t hesitate:
“The day we turn our R&D projects into our first supply contract with BAE Systems, I’ll pop the champagne!”
“Because that will mean one of our favourite primes has proven our tech does what it says – and Australia’s faith in us is well placed.”
As that day approaches, the team at Titomic are proud to be contributing to Australian sovereignty.
At the same time, they are excited to see how their unique technology will transfer to other industries such as energy, waste, medical, and food and beverage.
“Titomic’s growth opportunities are incredible. And we’re proud to be taking to the world components made right here in Australia, with Australian technology by Australian hands.”


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