BAE Systems

For 65 years, we have supported Australian suppliers to grow, by joining our leading defence supply chain.

It’s all part of our commitment to help strengthen Australia’s industrial capability and invest in the future. So that together, we can advance innovation, contribute to the post-pandemic economic recovery, and future-proof our nation.


“You can play a major role in helping keep Australia safe and build a more prosperous nation.” 

Gabby Costigan, CEO.

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Supporting local suppliers

We support 1,600 Australian companies as part of our $18 billion global supply chain, spending $330 million with them in 2017.

From upgrading the ANZAC frigate fleet to building the world’s first and only bow-to-stern digitally designed anti-submarine warship for the Navy, from developing autonomous capability for the Australian Army to maintaining key components for the F-35 program, we’re working with local companies to transform industry and give the Australian Defence Force the capability edge it needs.

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Meet our suppliers

  • B.L. Shipway

    B.L. Shipway

    Discover how a precision hydraulics company joined our supply chain to grow their business and help shape Australia’s future.
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Explore opportunities

As an approved supplier, you can help us contribute to major defence capability projects and sustainment activities – across aerospace, land, maritime, space, electronic systems and corporate.
Our Global Access Program team will work with you to identify opportunities across our global supply chain and partners. We draw on our expertise in engineering, procurement and quality to help you get a competitive edge. You can explore all our public plans on the Department of Defence website.

View our current major opportunities:

  • Hunter class frigates
More than 1,300 Australian businesses have already registered their interest in helping us build the world’s first and only bow-to-stern digitally designed anti-submarine warship. At its peak in 2028, the project will support over 6,000 jobs and add $1 billion to the local economy. Enquire now
  • The Hawk Lead-in Fighter
The Hawk LIF is the world’s most successful advanced military jet trainer aircraft built on more than 35 years of fast jet training experience. From Williamstown in New South Wales and the RAAF in Pearce, Western Australia, we’re working with local suppliers to provide continuing engineering, supply support and maintenance for the LlF Training System in Australia. Enquire now
  • Jindalee Operational Radar Network (JORN)
BAE is working on the $1 billion upgrade of JORN,  Australia’s critical sovereign surveillance capability and one of Australia’s first lines of defence. Working with a world-leading high frequency radar, we are delivering a generational upgrade, introducing new technology and architecture. Enquire now for acquisition and support
  • Air Warfare Destroyers (DDG)
Over a five-year transition support period, we are coordinating and managing the development of a DDG asset management sustainment solution for the Royal Australian Navy. Enquire now
  • Nulka
From Melbourne, we support, maintain and continue to update the Nulka active missile decoy, the most sophisticated defence system against anti-ship missiles available for the protection of surface warships, for the Australian, Canadian and US navies. Enquire now

Build your business, help build Australian capability

By partnering with us, you’ll have the opportunity to grow your business, enter the global supply chain, and help build a stronger and more resilient nation.
You can also access state-of-the-art equipment to modernise your operations – as well as diversify your offering and enter new markets.
We’ve been able to transfer the skills that we’ve learned – and the increased focus on discipline and attention to detail through working in the defence industry – to assist our customers. I can’t speak volumes enough to the support that BAE Systems have offered us to allow that to happen.

Todd Shipway, Commercial Director at B.L. Shipway

Become a supplier

If you would like to build your business and our nation’s future, we invite you to partner with us.
Here are the first 5 steps:
1. Register with ICN
2. Pass the security checks
3. Check what certifications you need
4. Attend our events
5. Look for opportunities with our Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM)