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OASYS thermal imaging and aiming

BAE Systems OASYS’ StalkIR® is the first palm-sized hybrid thermal mono-sight.
BAE Systems OASYS is the premier provider of compact high performance thermal imaging and aiming monoculars, weapon sights, and binoculars.

About thermal imaging and aiming products

BAE Systems OASYS uses the latest uncooled thermal technology to deliver unrivaled thermal imaging and aiming products for the most discerning operators. The ability to simultaneously observe the target area in the infrared and thermal spectrum gives the operator the supreme advantage in any engagement. 

Thermal imaging and aiming product family


OASYS Thermal Imaging


SkeetIR®x Micro Mono-Sight

SKEETIR®x Micro Mono-sight

The SkeetIR x is a credit-card size thermal weapon sight, delivering superior combat proven performance.

  • The smallest thermal monocular available in the market
  • Versatile system that quickly transitions from clip-on to handheld to helmet-mount mode


UTB®x Universal Thermal Binocular

UTB®x Universal Thermal Binocular

The UTB x is a high performance uncooled thermal binocular. The binocular offers a choice of a narrow, medium, or wide FOV lenses to enable multiple lens configurations.

  • Improved targeting capabilities with digital magnetic compass
  • Capability to capture still photos and output digital video


UTB®x-LRF Universal Thermal Binocular - Laser Range Finder

UTB®x-LRF Universal Thermal Binocular- Laser Range Finder

The UTB x-LRF is a high performance uncooled thermal binocular with superior resolution and laser range finder capability.

  • Range and pinpoint targets out to 2100 meters
  • Optional visible or IR laser pointer


UTC®x Universal Thermal Clip-on

UTC®x Universal Thermal Clip-on

The UTC x sight is a high-performance universal thermal clip-on to existing weapon sights. It is currently fielded by the U.S. military and supporting long-range sniper and surveillance missions.

  • Installs and removes without the need for boresight adjustment
  • 60 Hz high-performance weapons-grade focal planes


UTC®xii Universal Thermal Clip-on

UTC®xii Universal Thermal Clip-on

Similar to the 17-micron UTCx sight, the 12-micron UTCxii sight supports long-range sniper and surveillance missions but with improved image quality and smaller size, weight, and power requirements for the U.S. military.

Download the UTC xii Universal Thermal Clip-on datasheet


UTM®X Universal Thermal Monocular

STALKIR® Universal Thermal Monocular

The UTM x is a palm-sized 640X480 hybrid thermal monosight, featuring dual-band pointing/aiming lasers and thermal sensitivity exceeding that of any rival system.

  • Enables multi-mission capabilities
  • Rugged design with simple menu functions


RED-I® Remote Eyepiece Display-Imager

RED-I® Remote Eyepiece Display-Imager

RED-I is a remote see-through display that supports a variety of missions and weapon systems. The display-imager pairs with electronic sights that provide RS-170 video input, increasing the mission awareness by allowing the user to see around corners, unexposed.

  • 800x600 pixel resolution
  • Adaptable to most thermal sensor devices


Thermal imaging and aiming product literature


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