Tempest and the
Future of Combat Air

Team Tempest

Team Tempest
Team Tempest and the partner companies supporting the Ministry of Defence in creating an ambitious vision for the future.
Team Tempest comprises Ministry of Defence personnel from the Royal Air Force Rapid Capabilities Office, the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory, Defence Equipment & Support and industry partners, including ourselves, Leonardo, MBDA, and Rolls-Royce.
Together we are harnessing the capabilities that are critical for future combat air capability and for retaining the UK’s position as a globally competitive leader.

The team is working on a broad portfolio of more than sixty technology demonstrations spanning the breadth of combat air systems. Each will develop UK industry’s skills, technologies and capabilities for the future. 
We plan to focus our energy alongside that of our industrial partners to refine such concepts in preparation for significant decisions that know we will have to be made in the near future.
Innovation sits at the heart of Team Tempest and our aim is to build on our strong UK heritage of world-class in-service capabilities, and our previous advanced technology development programmes in air systems, propulsion and power, sensors and effectors.
However, the aims of Team Tempest extend beyond technology and there is a real focus on developing new, collaborative ways of working which will align incentives, minimise transactional costs and ensure all sides are held to account for performance. Success here will prove that the UK is in a strong position to lead in delivering affordable next generation capability.
Finally, it is important to remember that Team Tempest is not a closed shop. We know that to deliver for the UK, we need to leverage the best processes and technologies, wherever they are found in the global supply chain, within the constraints of operational advantage and freedom of action. This includes exploitation of UK high-value manufacturing catapults, small and medium-sized enterprises, international partners’ capabilities and civil sector investment to maximise value for money.
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Tempest and the Future of Combat Air

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