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Aircrew training - TAS
A fully trained aircrew means more than just providing our customers with the ability to fly aircraft.
Here at BAE Systems, we go a step further and provide our customers with the skills to fly any mission, at any time, operating all of the weapons and systems available. 
fully trained crew
A fully trained aircrew is not only able to fly the aircraft, but is able to fly the mission, meaning they understand the weapons and systems they are operating.
Delivered through a combination of synthetic and live training, we deliver these essential skills in an affordable and effective way.
Aircrew progress through a training pipeline, which takes them from operating as a novice pilot to operating essential missions using frontline fast jets:

Elementary Flying Training

We support the design and delivery of elementary flying training, the entry level undertaken by ab-initio pilots in both the Royal Air Force (RAF) and the Royal Saudi Air Force (RSAF).
In the United Kingdom, our team of ex-military fast jet pilots and training experts support the development of training courseware and support the delivery and analysis of training.
In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, we deliver elementary flying training for the RSAF through its fleet of Pilatus PC-21 training aircraft, which form the start of our training pipeline to take aircrew from street to fleet.

Advanced jet training

Our Hawk advanced jet trainer is the world's flying classroom, which uses advanced airborne simulation technology to replicate the cockpit of a frontline fast jet such as Typhoon or F-35.
Students are placed at the controls of the latest radar, weapons systems and defensive aids simulation technology, providing a unique 'brain training' environment, which has trained more than 20,000 pilots across the globe.
Hawk operations at RAF Valley

Hawk Advanced Jet Trainer

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In the UK, the latest standard of Hawk, the T2, is operated by IV Squadron at RAF Valley in North Wales, where we work alongside the RAF to ensure the availability of the aircraft. In Saudi Arabia, our people deliver both the live and synthetic training to ensure the next generation of RSAF pilots have the skills they need.
Hawk is at the heart of this training pipeline delivering a seamless transition from basic training to the front line at a fraction of the through-life cost of its competitors.

Through-life training

Having been equipped with the skills required to step into a fast jet such as Typhoon or F-35, we support the operational conversion to the frontline.
Working alongside both the RAF and the RSAF, we deliver this operational conversion through a mix of live and synthetic training, which reduces the time and cost required to ensure aircrew readiness.
Our teams of aircrew trainers in Typhoon Training Facilities, based at RAF Lossiemouth in Scotland and RAF Coningsby in Northern England, then deliver through-life training to ensure the RAF's frontline pilots are equipped with the skills to deliver where it matters most.

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