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Available and reliable weapons system

Hawk Mk128
Ensuring an aircraft is available where and when it is required depends on a highly capable team of people working in partnership.
In 2016, we began a 10-year partnership with the UK Ministry of Defence to support the Royal Air Force's Typhoon fleet, the Typhoon Total Availability enterprise (TyTAN) agreement.
It sees us collaborating with the RAF and Leonardo to introduce new ways of working which will reduce the costs of operating the fleet at RAF Coningsby and RAF Lossiemouth by more than a third.
The anticipated £500m of savings delivered by this revolutionary way of work will then be reinvested in to developing new capabilities for the aircraft.
This builds upon the Typhoon Availability Support contract that we have been delivering to the RAF since 2009.
In Saudi Arabia, our people work on the Salam Support Solutions contracts, which deliver an available, reliable weapons system to the Royal Saudi Air Force (RSAF). 
This means providing ground crew, maintenance, fleet planning and training support to ensure availability to the RSAF.
Our engineering teams are also at the heart of supporting the delivery and upgrade of support systems which sit both on and off the aircraft.
Examples of on-board systems include avionics and sensors such as radar which carry out roles including detecting and tracking targets on an aircraft like Typhoon, or through the aircraft's helmet mounted display systems.
An off-board sensor, includes electronic counter-measures such as radio frequency towed decoys.

and Support

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