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What makes Hawk so special?

The technology at the heart of Hawk has put tens of thousands of students at the controls of the latest radar, weapons systems and defensive aids simulation technology, providing a unique ‘brain training’ environment.
It is designed to help deliver a seamless transition from basic training to the front line at a fraction of the through-life cost of its competitors.
Today, we continue to work alongside air forces across the globe to integrate next generation mission systems, wearable technology and cockpit displays, ensuring it continues its place at the heart of training pipelines.

The world’s flying classroom

Hawk has reduced costs and introduced more than 25,000 pilots to the frontline sooner, with a higher skill level.
With more than 1,000 aircraft delivered to 18 countries across the globe, it has delivered nearly four million flying hours in almost five decades of service.
It is in service with 16 military forces across the world today and with the most advanced jets only entering service recently, it is expected to be operating in to the 2050s and beyond.

Supporting for the future

Our desire to harness new technologies and maximise our partnerships does not stop at bringing new capability on to Hawk, it is within the way we ensure the global fleet is ready to deliver.
Across the world, our people are using our intimate relationship with our customers built on decades of partnership to ensure jets are available where they are needed, when they are needed and at a price they can afford.
In the UK, Australia and across the Gulf we are working hand-in-hand with our customers and industry partners to deliver efficiencies through new ways of working and harnessing technology to drive savings which can be reinvested in to new training capabilities.

Next generation technology for future pilots

Hawk’s success is built on its ability to look, feel and function like the latest generation of frontline combat aircraft.
Its Heads-Up Display and full-colour Multi-Functional Displays are supported by the latest generation mission computers that can provide display data representative of the latest combat aircraft.
Our engineering teams sit at the heart of the world’s leading combat air programmes from future combat air systems including Tempest to today’s frontline including Typhoon and F-35, giving us a unique understanding of the mission systems ready for the future battlespace. As the capability and technology on frontline aircraft evolves, we are evolving Hawk to deliver the skills needed by the pilots of the future.
Next generation training

At the heart of the training pipeline

Our training pedigree is built on the global success story of Hawk, but it does not define us or constrain our ambitions.
We are already building upon them as the solid foundations with air forces around the world to support their entire training pipeline - from recruiting the right talent through to providing operational training to the frontline.
Our knowledge of the leading platforms of the frontline of today and tomorrow and our intimate understanding of our customer, positions us perfectly to drive forward training as part of a system where the platform is but one part.

Icons in the sky

Arguably the most famous Hawks in the world are flown by the RAF's aerobatics team, The Red Arrows.

The jets continue to be seen my thousands of people across the globe as their iconic displays showcase the skill, agility and precision of the Royal Air Force.

Our people will continue to provide depth maintenance to the team from our base at RAF Valley for many years to come.
"The perfect aircraft for our displays"
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