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Latest developments

Crew Ejection

Working alongside UK crew escape specialist, Martin Baker, a team of BAE Systems engineers has led ejection seat trials, using a rocket-propelled sled travelling at speeds of more than 500mph.
Experienced engineers have worked alongside junior team members to pass on vital skills which can be taken forward into future developments of Tempest.

Aerodynamic Engine Testing

Engineers have been carrying out aerodynamic engine testing, harnessing new advanced manufacturing processes to produce an engine duct which is uniquely shaped to slow the air from supersonic to sub-sonic speeds at the engine face.
The intake has fewer moving parts than a traditional fighter jet design, enhancing the aircraft's stealthy design. The test was conducted at Rolls-Royce’s site in Filton, Bristol, in the same facility where the Concorde Olympus engine was tested in the 1960s.

Simulated Flight Trials

In a first for military aircraft design, BAE Systems’ engineers have used auto coding to create safety-critical systems software in a matter of days rather than weeks.
This enables rapid assessment of the flight control systems during more complex flight manoeuvres with the simulator capturing crucial data about how the jet will handle and perform, years before its first flight.
The demonstrator is an exciting once-in-a-generation opportunity providing experienced and young engineers alike a chance to contribute to an endeavour which really matters to our national defence and security. Charles Woodburn, BAE Systems Chief Executive
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