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The Electronic Systems (ES) sector of BAE Systems, Inc. is a global leader in researching, developing, implementing, and maintaining cutting edge commercial, defense, and space electronics. Our teams continuously set new performance and innovation standards in control, communications, guidance, detection, protection, power, and propulsion technologies and systems across a wide range of platforms.

ES offers a diverse portfolio that is continually growing and evolving to give our customers the edge they need in the air, on and under water, on land, in space, and in cyberspace, including:

  • Electronic warfare technology and aircraft survivability systems, including integrated threat warning and next generation countermeasure systems.
  • Precision guidance for weapon systems, and day/night surveillance and targeting for soldiers and vehicles.
  • Advanced, high-reliability space electronics for resilient mission payloads, and secure ground systems.
  • Tactical and broadband data link communications for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance systems that provide interoperability and situational awareness.
  • Signals intelligence technologies for detection, exploitation, manipulation, and targeting of signals.
  • Software and systems offering big data management and data fusion that leverages domain expertise in geospatial; intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance; and mission management.
  • Mission-critical flight, pilot, and engine controls, including flight decks, cabin systems, head-up displays, power management systems, and more.
  • Alternative energy vehicle propulsion and power management systems providing high performance electrification solutions that advance mobility, efficiency, and capability.
  • Research and development product lines innovating new technologies for advanced capabilities in defense electronics, autonomy, cyber, electronic warfare, and sensors and processing.

In addition to producing technological innovation with military-grade resilience, our Electronic Systems sector is home to more than 14,000, talented people worldwide who excel at taking on challenges that support our armed forces in the field; millions of people traveling by air, land, and sea; and our communities and education systems at home.

Our commitment to quality

Electronic Systems is committed to protecting those who serve and providing our commercial customers with the most reliable and advanced technologies. View our quality policy.



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