Aircraft Electrification

Energizing the Future of Flight BAE Systems is transforming the future of flight with solutions to enable hybrid and all-electric powered aircraft. 
Enabling the future of air travel with solutions for hybrid and all-electric aircraft.
Enabling the future of air travel with solutions for hybrid and all-electric aircraft.

Building upon our cross domain expertise

BAE Systems is bringing together decades of demonstrated cross domain know-how and expertise in integrated flight controls and propulsion solutions to enable the next generation of aircraft. We are investing in the development of highly reliable, flight and safety critical systems that will enable the future of hybrid and all-electric aircraft. To deliver a sustainable solution and establish ourselves as a leader in this emerging market, our focus is on three critical enabling technologies:

  • Energy Management Systems: BAE Systems was the first to design and manufacture lithium-ion based energy storage systems for the heavy-duty transit market and today we have an installed base of over 10,000 systems operating all over the world. We are leveraging our research and development in battery life cycles, smart battery management systems, and packaging to optimize solutions for the aerospace market.
  • Integrated Control Systems: With more than 40 years of experience developing flight controls for commercial and military aircraft, we are transforming our existing hardware and software to create the foundation for electric solutions. As the technology develops, we are focused on reducing size, weight, and cost, while increasing availability, and optimizing our production capability.
  • Power Conversion: We are applying four generations of experience in packaging, cooling, controls, and advanced wide band gap based power switching to develop solutions that meet the extreme requirements of aerospace and minimize the adoption and operational risk for our customers.

Our offerings are modular, scalable, and adaptable for applications in a variety of markets, including regional and business jets, Advanced Air Mobility (AAM), air transport, and military.

Customers choose us as a partner

BAE Systems is committed to delivering discriminating technologies and advancing our manufacturing capabilities, allowing us to address the challenges of the global aerospace market, optimize production systems, and drive adoption of environmentally friendly solutions. Aircraft electrification is going to change the aviation market and we continue to be at the forefront of power, energy and controls solutions.

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