BAE Systems Hägglunds is part of the Global BAE Systems that spend more than £10 billion a year with 25,000 suppliers around the world.
We buy a wide range of major equipment, services, materials and components such as steel, engines, protection systems that contribute to our products and services for our customers. Routine goods and services to support our business include office supplies, facility maintenance, training, IT and consultancy services.
Supplier management is important to BAE Systems Hägglunds because we depend on our suppliers to help us to deliver the products, systems and services that our customers need, on time and to the quality they expect. Poor performance or unethical conduct by a supplier could affect our reputation or even our ability to operate effectively.

Sustainable Procurement

We want all our suppliers to reduce the environmental impact of the products and services they supply to us, which in return helps us to reduce our own environmental footprint and that of our products.

Supplier Standards

BAE Systems Hägglunds expect our suppliers to comply with local legislation and to meet the same or equivalent standards as BAE Systems on issues ranging from ethical conduct to health and safety and apply those standards in their own supply chains.
We comply with arms and export control regimes without exception - It is necessary for our ability to continue doing business as a world class company. You, as a supplier to BAE System Hägglunds, play an integral role and are expected to conduct your business in accordance with export control laws, regulations and authorizations, worldwide.

Selecting and Managing Suppliers

When selecting suppliers our due diligence process includes desktop research, supplier questionnaires and, in some cases site visits to assess and ensure standards are consistent with our expectations.
All suppliers are encouraged to comply with our Code of Conduct or equivalent standards, but for major sub-contractors our due diligence process is more extensive.
As a supplier to BAE Systems Hägglunds you are expected to add value and contribute by being:
Trusted – deliver the right quality at the right time at the right place
Innovative – come up with new solutions in terms of product and service performance, contractual terms and technical solutions.
Bold – dare to challenge conventions, traditions and BAE Systems Hägglunds proposed solutions
After selection, we continue to engage with major sub-contractors at all stages of the project lifecycle from planning through to completion.

Industrial Cooperation - Supporting Suppliers

We at BAE Systems Hägglunds have 80-90% of our sales on export where industrial cooperation and offset are a natural part of our business. We continuously search for suppliers in our customer countries to fulfill our customer expectation and widen our supply chain.
We are committed to play an important role in promoting skills and innovation through our international supply chain and helping our suppliers to strengthen their businesses in Sweden and internationally.

Business Continuity

We also conduct business continuity assessments and planning with key suppliers to identify and mitigate risks, such as fires and floods, as well as supplier vulnerability assessments and ensure key suppliers can continue to deliver essential products and services.

Supplier Cyber Security Process

We believe in strong and resilient supplier relationships, which are critical in allowing us to meet our customer’s expectations.
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