Tempest and the
Future of Combat Air

Combat Air Strategy

Tempest and Typhoon on runway
The Combat Air Strategy sets out an ambitious vision for the future. Building on the government’s industrial strategy it outlines how the UK will retain its ability to choose how we meet our future requirements.
The Combat Air Strategy delivers a statement of government intent that the UK will remain a global leader in the combat air sector.

We are immensely proud of our role in supporting these objectives, with our highly skilled workforce delivering innovative and cost effective solutions to ensure our customers are best placed to overcome increasingly complex challenges.
Over the last 100 years we have consistently demonstrated our prowess for invention and innovation. Our technical and industrial expertise has helped put the UK at the heart of successful international collaborations including Tornado, Typhoon and F-35. This has ensured significant economic benefit to the UK through:
  • the development of the most advanced technologies
  •  employment of a highly skilled workforce and
  •  huge success in the export market.

The UK combat air sector in which we operate has grown to an annual turnover of £6bn, directly supporting over 18,000 jobs and more than 200 companies across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The UK Combat Air Strategy, published in summer 2018, creates the conditions for our sector to thrive and grow.
Image showing Tempest Future Combat Air System concept

Combat air strategy: An ambitious vision for the future

The Combat Air Strategy delivers a statement of government intent that the UK will remain a global leader in the combat air sector.
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The strategy defines a clear way ahead to preserve our national advantage and for the UK to maintain choice in how this is delivered. It enables the UK to reap the economic, international and strategic benefits of a major role in a future combat air programme. It highlights the criticality of cutting-edge UK technology and intellectual property, including how this can be generated, sustained and exploited. It reinforces the importance of effective international partnering in delivering future capability.

The importance of the strategy should not be underestimated. The future of our sector is not assured.  The threats we face are evolving and proliferating at pace. The importance of information advantage has never been higher and we must do things differently to retain operational advantage in this space.

We welcome the strategy. From its commitment to further investment in Typhoon and F-35 to the establishment of Team Tempest and the launch of the acquisition programme to deliver the capabilities required when early UK Typhoons begin to go out of service in the early 2040s, one thing is clear: the UK’s strategic approach to combat air will maximise the overall national value the UK derives from our sector; balancing military capability, international influence, economic and prosperity benefits.

Tempest and the Future of Combat Air

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