Commander SL Long Range Tactical Air Defence Radar

Commander SL Long Range Tactical Air Defence Radar
The state-of-the-art Commander radar is a mobile and flexible radar in-service with the UK Royal Air Force to enhance UK airspace surveillance and policing
Proven in real operational conditions and extreme environments, the robust, and agile  Commander radar family has been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan and gives radar coverage for the UK Royal Air Force's quick response air defence fighters.
With high availability and superior, consistent and reliable performance, it supports local and integrated command & control of air defence forces while operating from prepared or unprepared locations, in static or mobile configurations.
Commander gave us the eyes to give direction to the battlespace, which was incredibly complex and dense, all around the Helmand Valley. Without the Commander, we would not be able to do our job.

Wing Commander Mark Presley

, Officer Commanding No.1 Air Control Centre
Commander is compatible with Mission Systems’ TeleVIEW which allows radars to be controlled, monitored and diagnosed remotely enabling preventative maintenance and reduced through-life costs. TeleVIEW uses high-bandwidth connections to distribute diagnostic data, which is presented via a standard web browser.

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