Watchman air traffic radar upgrade package

Watchman air traffic radar with windfarm mitigation technology
Our Watchman update package extends the life of this highly reliable air traffic radar, which is in service around the world
Over the past 30 years, we have been trusted to deliver Watchman radars to customers around the world. To protect our customers’ investments, we have developed an update package to extend the life of this highly reliable radar. The update has also reduced the number of line replaceable units needed by 80% and has reduced spares purchase costs.

Updated features include the transmitter, signal processor and plot & track extractor, together with refurbished antennas and turning gear. The upgrade has resulted in proven windfarm mitigation capabilities, improved reliability and maintainability. The new Watchman also occupies a third less space. Thanks to our update, this highly reliable radar remains in service around the world.

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