F-35 Lightning II


The introduction of the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) aircraft into the Australian defence environment presents a significant challenge.

It requires the integration of a fifth generation information-hungry air system with current and legacy Australian Defence Force (ADF) information systems, regulations, policies and business processes.

The JSF Program Office and original equipment manufacturer Lockheed Martin are providing a next generation performance-based logistics and supply chain, based on the principles for sustaining an international fleet.

With the ADF logistics and support processes designed for legacy systems, updates are needed.

BAE Systems Australia has been awarded a contract to develop a model that supports the integration of the JSF into Australia, addressing the issues and risks associated with defining the Initial Operating Capability.



Using the United States Department of Defense Architecture Framework, we have developed a fully integrated JSF Enterprise Architecture Model of the ADF’s logistics, support and operations.

This model can be used to represent, analyse and rationalise the working practices outlined by ADF, JSF Program Office and Lockheed Martin. This is achieved by analysing the policy, regulation and current working practices with ADF personnel currently on active operations.

This analysis yields many issues that need to be addressed before Australian operations commence.



The JSF Enterprise Architecture Model has provided information that is critical to ensuring a smooth transition when the JSF comes into service in Australia.

By identifying the integration and interoperability risks early, activities to mitigate these can now be developed and implemented before the JSF arrives. This will significantly reduce the costs of integration, providing at least a 10:1 return on investment.

The model has also identified many assumptions that can be used to structure and shape the design acceptance testing of the ground based system.

The model has defined the processes and information needed to ensure the aircraft achieves its maximum operational effectiveness in any environment it is deployed in.

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