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Soldier On and BAE Systems Australia today announced a three year strategic partnership to support the health, wellbeing and employment of Australia’s returned service personnel and their families.
The continuation of this partnership, which began in 2015, will support a range of health and wellbeing initiatives including additional Soldier On case coordinators and expansion of the organisation’s volunteering program, Serving On.
Serving On provides participants with skills, opportunities and support so that they can continue to serve through purposeful work that helps people and communities.
BAE Systems Australia funding will enable the expansion of Serving On. Following a successful pilot program in NSW, Serving On will be operational in Melbourne next year and Adelaide and Perth by 2022.
The partnership will complement BAE Systems’ existing employee fundraising and volunteering program, which raises more than $30,000 each year to support the organisation.
Deputy Chairman and Co-Founder of Soldier On John Bale said: “On average there are more than 5500 individuals leaving the Australian Defence Force and national security agencies each year. While not everyone needs or wants help, it’s important that they know it is available to them and their family.
“Soldier On is grateful for the support of BAE Systems Australia and its employees. Case Coordinators play a vitally important role a veteran’s transition from service and we’re thrilled that we have worked with BAE Systems to identify initiatives that will have the greatest impact for veterans and their families.”
BAE Systems Australia Chief Executive Gabby Costigan said: “We are grateful for the courage and sacrifice of the men and women who have served our country, and we’re proud to work with Soldier On to help this organisation continue its incredibly important work.
“Serving On can provide a safe environment for ex-service personnel to regain that social connection they might have lost in leaving the Defence Force. We’re proud that our people will play a vital role in the delivery of the program, volunteering alongside veterans to help them develop the skills they need for a successful reintegration and civilian employment.
“Together, BAE Systems Australia and Soldier On are creating and supporting a legacy for Australia’s service community and their families.”
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