12th Level

Together we will explore ways to enhance information availability and analysis capabilities to support strategic decision-making and informed capability readiness. These capabilities will support industry and suppliers to deliver improved sustainment efficiency. There will be a focus on streamlining capacity to receive real-time data on maintenance delivery activities and develop in-depth seaworthiness analysis capability.

BAE Systems Australia’s Director of Defence Delivery, Andrew Gresham, said:

“Across all Defence platforms the generation of data is increasing exponentially, aligned to the development of new technologies.

“So it’s important that data can be collected effectively and distilled quickly into meaningful information to support critical decision making in real time throughout the maritime sustainment ecosystem.

“We are committed to enabling smart sustainment for future defence capability, enabling our customers to make data-driven decisions that will optimise seaworthiness outcomes.

“We are also delighted to be working with a leading Australian technology company in doing so, building Australian capability in data and AI will be crucial to our future sovereign defence supply chain.”

The collaboration may also provide solutions to support land, aviation and cyber domains in the future.

Andrew Cleary, 12th Level CEO said: “As a 100% Australian owned and operated business, we’re proud to develop and deliver solutions that can be rapidly deployed, to support efficient and accurate decision making in operational settings.”

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