FSU collaboration with Industry. Nulka
Nulka is a rocket-propelled active missile decoy system that lures incoming anti-ship missiles away from ships, to protect them and their crews.
The Landing Helicopter Dock ship, HMAS Adelaide, was due to have Nulka installed in a major capability upgrade in August that would normally have BAE Systems’ Melbourne based experts travelling to Sydney’s Garden Island naval base to support and undertake the installation.
Instead, BAE Systems Australia and critical suppliers used remote technology with the RAN’s Fleet Support Unit (FSU) to ensure critical technical and system characteristics were executed successfully for the project. The company also provided virtual training and guidance which greatly increased the capability within the FSU.
This completes the installation of Nulka on the nation’s biggest warships following the successful installation on HMAS Canberra earlier this year.
Defence Delivery Director Andrew Gresham said:
“The safety and security of the nation is incredibly important at this time and the pandemic has challenged us to look for new ways to continue to support Australian Defence Force.
“The strong partnership we have with the RAN and our suppliers has ensured that together we were able to meet this critical milestone that will help protect the ship and her crew.”
Royal Australian Navy Captain Arran Melville, Executive Director, FSU said:
“It is a collaborative effort that has delivered the best outcome – the HMAS Adelaide is now ready for redeployment as scheduled giving the ship new capability and added protection. Given the challenges that we are facing due to COVID-19, this is an incredible achievement.
“Working together like this will further improve the partnership between FSU and Maritime Sustainment industry in the future and that means better capability delivered even more efficiently for our Royal Australian Navy as they work to protect Australia’s interests at sea.”
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