JORN array from above.
The Jindalee Operational Radar Network (JORN) is the catalyst for the collaboration which will see resources, expertise and facilities brought together for the development of cutting edge technologies and a pipeline of skilled talent.
JORN is a core element of Australia’s Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance infrastructure, and is critical to current and emerging Defence missions. BAE Systems is currently undertaking a major upgrade of JORN to extend the operational life of the radar network beyond 2042.
The partnership has three main areas of focus:
  • An undergraduate and post-graduate teaching program covering ionospheric physics, electromagnetism, Radio Frequency engineering, signal processing and automation relevant to High Frequency (HF) systems
  • Sponsorship and support of research in relevant disciplines through internships, undergraduate scholarships, cadetships, PhD projects and research contracts, and
  • A Centre for High Frequency Technologies operated by the University of Adelaide that includes an experimental HF radar facility with processing and control systems similar to those used in JORN. 
BAE Systems CTO Brad Yelland said:
“It is critically important that Australia maintains its leadership of the technologies that are at the heart of JORN and other strategic defence assets.
“The partnership will focus on rapidly developing cutting edge technology to meet the future defence needs of the country to ensure Australia maintains superior situational awareness to keep our borders secure
“In doing so, JORN will provide a catalyst for economic growth and will create a pipeline of talent that will be able to lead the continued evolution of critically important defence technologies well into the future.”
Professor Michael Webb, Director of Defence, Cyber and Space at the University of Adelaide, said:
“The University of Adelaide is delighted to deepen our long-standing relationship with the defence sector through this new partnership.
“Our partnership with Defence Science and Technology Group in ionospheric physics and radar systems research will deliver the insights necessary to enable BAE Systems and Defence to maximise the performance achievable through the JORN Phase 6 upgrade project.
“Internships, cadetships, PhD projects and research contracts with our industry partners will provide students with real-world experience and connect them to future employers: they will learn from the best in the industry. In turn, industry will have access to a skilled workforce of the future ready to support major defence projects, including JORN.
“This collaboration is another outstanding example of industry, government and academia working together to create a pipeline of graduates and researchers with the expertise to support burgeoning industries and opportunities in South Australia.”
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