BAE Systems Australia welcomes Space Agency in South Australia

Welcoming the Space Agency in...
BAE Systems Australia welcomes the Federal Government’s announcement that it will establish the Australian Space Agency in South Australia.
The establishment of the Australian Space Agency will promote more opportunities to deliver innovation, grow our skilled workforce and expand our local supply chain across Australia.
BAE Systems has a long involvement in space sector. Many of the company’s current programs have space-related applications.
BAE Systems Australia Chief Executive, Gabby Costigan said:
“The Australian Space Agency will open up opportunities for Australian industry to share in the multi-billion dollar global space market.
“Some of our key technologies that have potential for use in space include  advanced sensors suitable for small satellites and high frequency surveillance systems, based on the Jindalee Operational Radar Network, both providing a step change in space surveillance capability.
“Our JSF and optics advanced manufacturing techniques have application in the production of cubesats. Combined with our expertise and experience in guidance and control systems for rockets and hypersonic flight vehicles we have a strong capability to conduct modelling of flight vehicles, missiles and rockets.
“It will support long-term industry-led research and the development of technologies, sustainable advanced manufacturing and further strengthen prospects for Australian business’ to enter new markets.”