Platforms & Services designs, develops, produces, supports, maintains, modernizes and upgrades armored combat vehicles, wheeled vehicles, naval guns, surface ship combatants, commercial vessels, missile launchers, artillery systems, military ordnance, and protective wear and armor.
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Ship Repair

A leading provider of non-nuclear ship repairs, modernization, conversion, and overhaul for government and commercial customers.


Protection Systems

Protection Systems is the world’s foremost supplier of warfighter equipment as well as vehicle and aircraft seating systems and armor protection.

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Ordnance Systems Inc.

Ordnance Systems, Inc. (OSI), is a recognized leader in partnering at government owned, contractor-operated facilities and has been awarded for its commitment to munitions innovation and plant safety.

As a supplier to BAE Systems Hägglunds, you are regarded as an important part of the supply chain that can contribute in many ways.

BAE Systems Hägglunds Supplier Center

BAE Systems Hägglunds is part of the Global BAE Systems that spend more than £10 billion a year with 25,000 suppliers around the world.

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Our primary focus is to provide breakthrough technology solutions, world-class systems integration capabilities, flexible manufacturing capabilities and superior integrated logistics support throughout the product life-cycle.