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Intelligence Knowledge Environment (IKE)

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Creating knowledge for the analyst

Today's soldiers work in a complex, evolving and often contested environment. They need rapid access to data and analytics to ease the burden of finding the needle in the haystack' for modern battles.

Intelligence Knowledge Environment (IKE) is a set of modular data warehouse and artificial intelligence analytic capabilities built to autonomously transform information into knowledge. The analyst-centric user experience facilitates rapid transformation of data into intelligence. There is no vendor lock; it is easy to learn and scalable.

Key features and benefits

  • IKE offers consistent and seamless access to all data types, independent of deployment environment (on premise or cloud), thus enhancing user flexibility
  • Advanced scalable data ingestion adapts quickly to new data sources, improving data analytics
  • IKE converts (normalizes) data into a format that both a human and machine can understand
  • Autonomously discovers and identifies entities while allowing users to update existing entities or derive new ones
  • IKE automatically highlights patterns, and changes to patterns, in your data, overall improving analytics
  • Environmental factors help determine if an entity's location is feasible, providing users with enhanced accuracy
  • Automatically detects network connection drops and reconnections, then quickly and efficiently transfers data using synchronization services to reduce bandwidth usage during collaboration, sending only the data required

ISR Analytics

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