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Cybersecurity products portfolio

Cybersecurity Product Profolio
Providing approved cross domain solutions – hardware and software that allow for the transfer of data between networks of different security classifications – other cybersecurity products and training with superior functionality and flexibility to government and commercial customers for more than 30 years.

Over the past 30 years, BAE Systems has been advancing its cybersecurity products portfolio for the intelligence community, DoD and critical infrastructure. This portfolio of class-leading products, which allows for the protection and sharing of sensitive information, secures the trust of information assurance personnel and mission leaders alike.

Cross domains and content domain solutions

The DoD chose BAE Systems' XTS Guard as its enterprise-class cross domain solution. XTS Guard is also available in tactical form factors where size, weight and power (SWaP) considerations are important.

The product portfolio includes the first Common Criteria EAL 7+ evaluated product in the U.S., the Data Diode Solution unidirectional data pump and Datagate Orchestrator, a high-speed content inspection capability.

STOP™ is the premier secure operating system that provides flexible security policies, a Linux®-compatible application programming interface, and high performance. It is designed to give defense, intelligence community, government, and enterprise solution providers and integrators a trustworthy, robust, and certifiable foundation for developing trusted information sharing, cross domain guarding, and server applications.

Other cybersecurity products

BAE Systems customers rely on SCADA and application firewall technologies from technology partner Bayshore Networks. Bayshore uniquely enables high-speed (up to 10Gpbs) monitoring and control at the network control, with distributed sensors across geographies and industrial control elements of the network, all reporting into centralized, SOC-friendly administration.

Cybersecurity support and services

Technical support and professional services are available to assist with deploying, administering and troubleshooting the entire Cybersecurity Products portfolio, offering peace of mind and reassurance in case of product problems. The Technical Support and Professional Services group is comprised of high-level engineers who have multiple years of experience in working with the cybersecurity product lineup.