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The President of the United States has proclaimed May as National Military Appreciation Month to remind us all of the important sacrifices the men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces have made to defend our nation’s freedom. That includes all branches of the services, the National Guard and Reserves, plus retirees, veterans, and all of their families – well over 90 million Americans who have sacrificed to safeguard our nation for more than 230 years.

At BAE Systems, National Military Appreciation Month has special meaning, as many of our employees are veterans who joined us after serving. Several are reservists who remain ready to answer the call to return to duty. Many of these vets continue to support the military’s daily operations as contractors. Throughout the month of May, we will be highlighting the stories of individual BAE Systems veteran employees, as they share how they plan to Remember, Honor, and Support their fellow service members this month. Today, we are profiling Stacia Jennings, Senior Lead Technical Trainer within our Intelligence and Security Sector’s Global Intelligence & Operations Link To (Id:1429027246849;Type:BAEDetailPageCnt_C) business. Jennings trains Full-Motion Video analysts that support military operations. Prior to joining BAE Systems, she served in the United States Marine Corps for six years, leaving as a Sergeant. Jennings later joined the U.S. Army Reserves, and has been serving in the Army since 2001.




  • As a veteran and reservist, why did you choose to come to work at BAE Systems?
    BAE Systems is known for their commitment and positive treatment of Reservists and prior military members.
  • As a veteran, how does it feel to your work is continuing to support our troops?
    It’s extremely important. I have spent much of my life supporting the military, and I know I am still contributing to the mission, even though I can’t be there next to them.
  • What does National Military Appreciation Month mean to you?
    National Military Appreciation Month is an important time to remember everyone who has served, and is still serving today. It means a lot to me, to know that I work at a company that cares about military members and the challenges military families face.
  • How do you plan to Remember, Honor and Support our military during the month of May?
    I Remember, Honor, and Support the military every single day because it is, and will always be, my life.  As captain of the company’s Intelligence & Security sector Running Club, I am coordinating maximum participation for the company’s Remember, Honor, Support 5k Walk/Run charity event.
  • If you could send one message to every military member, what would it be?
    I know the sacrifice you face every day, and I am honored that you face it on behalf of myself, and my family.

National Military Appreciation Month of May recognizes all military personnel who have served throughout our history, and those who are now serving in uniform. The month includes a number of special days, to include:  Loyalty Day (May 1), Public Service Recognition Week (May 5-10), Victory in Europe Day (May 8), Military Spouse Appreciation Day (May 10), Armed Forces Day (May 18), and Memorial Day (May 27).

For additional information about National Military Appreciation Month, visit www.nmam.org.