2013 National Military Appreciation Month

The President of the United States has proclaimed May as National Military Appreciation Month to remind us all of the important sacrifices the men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces have made to defend our nation’s freedom.  That includes all branches of the services, the National Guard and Reserves, plus retirees, veterans, and all of their families – well over 90 million Americans who have sacrificed to safeguard our nation for more than 230 years.

At BAE Systems, National Military Appreciation Month has special meaning, as many of our employees are veterans who joined us after serving. Several are reservists who remain ready to answer the call to return to duty. Many of these vets continue to support the military’s daily operations as contractors. Throughout the month of May, we will be highlighting the stories of individual BAE Systems employee veterans, as they share how they plan to Remember, Honor, and Support their fellow service members this month. Today, we are profiling Christopher Bellios, Vice President of National Analysis, within our Intelligence and Security sector’s Global Intelligence & Operations Link To (Id:1429027246849;Type:BAEDetailPageCnt_C) business. Bellios, a veteran who served in the U.S. Marine Corps, has many family connections to the military. His dad served in the Korean War, and his father-in-law is a World War II veteran who saw action in the Pacific as a crewman on a landing ship. He says he is constantly inspired by the work BAE Systems is doing to support the nation’s biggest missions and address its biggest challenges.

  • Why did you choose to come to work at BAE Systems?
    BAE Systems represented many of the experiences I had in the U.S. Marine Corps, and the US Government, where the company’s values and professionalism traits were clear.
  • How does your work support our nation’s service members?
    In our day to day jobs, BAE Systems personnel, and the information they produce, provide critical support to the men and women who are serving our country. We are helping to protect them and prepare them for the latest Intel picture. After work hours, our team enthusiastically supports and participates in a number of charitable events throughout the year to raise money, awareness, and provide general support to various military charity programs. 
  • How does it feel to know your work is protecting our military and enhancing national security?
    It gives me a sense of pride knowing we are doing work that matters and makes a difference.
  • What does National Military Appreciation Month mean to you?
    National Military Appreciation Month is a small way we can say thank you to those who have done so much for us. Working to show our military we are behind them and that our support continues when they return from theatre means a lot to them and is really the least we can do for their service to our country.
  • If you could send one message to every military member, what would it be?
    My message to our military is simply – “Thank you for your service.”

National Military Appreciation Month of May recognizes all military personnel who have served throughout our history, and those who are now serving in uniform. The month includes a number of special days, to include: Loyalty Day (May 1), Public Service Recognition Week (May 5-10), Victory in Europe Day (May 8), Military Spouse Appreciation Day (May 10), Armed Forces Day (May 18), and Memorial Day (May 27).

For additional information about National Military Appreciation Month, visit www.nmam.org.